Harvey Goldstein (Indonesia) - Founder and Chairman, Harvest International

Harvey Goldstein of Indonesia

For more than 40 years, Harvey Goldstein has played an instrumental role in the development of business throughout Southeast Asia and especially in Indonesia. As the founder and chairman of Harvest International, Inc., Harvey Goldstein consults with businesses seeking to expand operations to Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia. His work with Harvest International has brought billions of dollars of new business ventures into the region and significantly contributed to job growth. Viewed as an expert in Asian business, he has lent his talents to several different influential boards, including that of the Indonesian Executive Circle. In addition, he has held positions as vice chairman of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) U.S. Pacific Basin Economic Council Committee and sat on the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Nomination Committee. The businessman also held the position of director on the Friends of Jakarta International School Foundation, Inc., in Indonesia.

A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, now NYU/POLY, Mr. Goldstein holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He earned a master of science at Syracuse University and subsequently pursued a doctor of philosophy at the State University of New York at Buffalo.